portrait of self

  Ever since I was 13, I've had a fascination with electronics, a passion that only grew when I received my first Nintendo Wii console at the age of 14. I was captivated by "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" and spent countless hours engrossed in its world. My interest took an exciting turn when I discovered "Newer Super Mario Bros Wii," a modification of the original game. The idea that a game could be altered and customized was a revelation to me, and I eagerly dove into learning the tools and programming languages necessary for game modding.

  However, my curiosity didn't stop there; it expanded into other realms of technology. I was drawn to the world of web development, eager to understand how websites were built. I delved into online resources, teaching myself HTML and CSS for structuring and styling web pages, JavaScript for adding interactivity, and PHP for server-side rendering of HTML. I soon after delve into Java programming, making Minecraft mods and GUI applications. University taught me the memory management of C and C++. I realized then that I enjoy building tools for others to use and found my passion in software engineering.